Professional Makeup and Hair by Jody

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I hope my website lets you see how much I love doing hair and makeup.

If you’re a production company looking for a makeup and hair artist whether it’s for a commercial or as a daily please get in touch. I travel around the country and love new challenges and working as part of the crew.

Brides, I hope you feel happy with my work and experience and hopefully you’ve downloaded the bridal request form and taken a look at the price breakdown. If you’d like a helping hand to applying your own make up on the day but would just like some lessons that’s also an exciting option of which I’m happy to chat about.

Photographers I’m always looking for new ideas and shoots to be a part of. Please get in touch I love meeting new photographers and models. Which leads me onto?

Models, I help many models learn the art of makeup and I’m always happy to be your makeup and hair artist if you’re looking to start or build up your portfolio.

Hopefully you know that no matter if you’re a photographer or someone looking for their makeup and hair done for a special event you can always get in touch with me.